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Creative Educational Approaches North Atlanta

Do you or a family member have learning disabilities that affect overall performance at school or in the workplace? Have you been on the search for new ways to learn? Total Wellness Consulting offers creative educational approaches in North Atlanta, Ga, and the surrounding areas. These innovative applications are centered around a holistic approach to education that focuses on the learner becoming part of a professional community involving the dimensions of knowledge, performance, and identity formation. Click the button below to learn more about our firm and schedule a consultation.

Integrative Activities

Influence Your Creative Learning With Integrative Activities!

These creative services we provide are meant to transform students into innovative professionals through focusing on ontological pedagogies that deal with the process of becoming active members of different communities. Our education includes a Master in Education from Harvard and a Doctorate in Health Education from Teachers College of Columbia University. The workshops and courses we offer have a curriculum centered around stimulating curiosity and imagination by using imaginative approaches to make learning more effective and exciting.

Get in a Creative Mindset

We Want To Help You Find Your Creative State Of Mind!

We prioritize making our classes available to anyone who wants to make a change in their lives for the better as we believe creativity is in all of us, yet it can't be taught or learned. It is an innate skill that needs to be exercised to remain fresh and productive. These creative educational approaches in North Atlanta, Ga, and the surrounding areas are meant to loosen the students' safe and stagnant boundaries and encourage new learning principles. Click the button below or call us directly to learn more about how we can develop new ways of thinking through exploring individuality, imagination, and genuine intrigue in all aspects of learning and life.