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Haiku Poetry Training

Haiku Poetry Training Savannah

Have you been on the search for old-world remedies to help you increase your overall brain use and mental state of being? Have you ever looked into the enlightening effects of Haiku Poetry? Haiku is a poetic form that is said to have originated in Japan around the 17th century. It uses 17 syllables on three lines, usually configured as 5-7-5, to tell a story concisely and with few words. If you are looking for self-empowerment or Haiku Poetry training in Savannah, Ga, or anywhere else, Click the button below to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our workshops.

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Total Wellness Consulting uses Haiku and other forms of creative and dramatic expression to help promote optimal health and wellness of individuals, businesses, and communities. You will learn that Haiku is more than a poem with our courses. It is a way of looking at the world around you and realizing something deeper is out there, like the mere existence of nature itself. Haiku poetry is meant to leave both the writer and reader with powerful emotion or impression, making it an extraordinary piece of art.

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Enhance Your Communication Skills

We help our audience focus on images of nature, simplicity, intensity, and direction of expression through our love for the public and poetry. The Haiku method essentially forces its writers to trim down to only the essentials, thus making each word and every syllable of each poem count. Our Haiku Poetry training in Savannah, Ga, and the surrounding areas will teach you this poetic practice of artistic discipline. To learn more about this beautiful form of self-expression, Call us directly and discover when the next courses or workshops will be available in your local area.